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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

The cough and cold season really seems to have hit people hard and early this year – maybe it’s the shock of rain and wind after that lovely summer we enjoyed.

I have, over previous weeks, looked at ways of trying to prevent getting poorly using Natures Aid Immune Support Plus and easing sinus congestion with Serrapeptase – the silk worm enzyme.

This week I am going to have a look at tickly, irritating coughs.

One of the problem with many cough remedies is that you have to choose between soothing or mucus clearing – but often you have both problems. So what is best to choose? On top of this, many cough remedies are syrups. So if we are out all day, at work or school, after the dose in the morning we are unable to take it again until we get home because of the mess, the drips and the need for a spoon to take the product.

This is why I have been very excited about a new product from A.Vogel, our leading herbal medicine company. (I know I live a sheltered life.)

The first thing which makes this new product so special is the fact that it is actually in a spray. The company have called it, quite simply, A.Vogel Cough Spray. This spray bottle straight away, for me, makes it better than a standard cough remedy because it is so portable.

As well as being unique in its spray form, this cough remedy is also –

*Soothing – thanks to the addition of ingredients like honey,

*Cough suppressant – the herb marshmallow has been used for many years by herbalists to help stop a cough going on and on.

*Clears catarrh – another favourite of mine has been used in this spray – mullein – which is a little known herb, but we have been using it for years, with great feedback, for people with irritating coughs.

This multi-action remedy then looks to be an absolutely brilliant option for anyone with an irritating cough. Even better it is also suitable for children. In fact it can be used from the age of four which, with its all natural ingredients, is fantastic.

For those who are really struggling with a lingering cough, this cough spray could also be used alongside Vogel Bronchosan, a pine cough syrup, which would be a useful remedy to have to hand in the morning and at bedtime to thoroughly coat and soothe the throat.

Bronchosan pine cough syrup is made with freshly harvested young pine leaves.

Pine has long been used in natural cough remedies, thanks to its soothing and anti bacterial properties.

The pine cough syrup, like the cough spray, again contains honey but more of it. It is a much thicker mixture – to coat and soothe the irritation in the throat.