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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Last week I had a look at the natural remedies available for anyone struggling with an irritating cough and mentioned the fantastic new Vogel Cough Spray to soothe the cough and clear the mucus.

This week I thought that I had better take a look at the natural options available for someone struggling with a deeper, more chesty cough and catarrh.

We see a lot of people who have been left with a persistent chesty cough and mucus after a cold. We also see a lot of people who are left with the same after a chest infection and even after treatment with antibiotics. The reason for this is that clearing an infection will not always necessarily clear all that stubborn, sticky mucus.

This mucus in turn causes an irritation for the body, which coughs to try and get rid of it. On top of that, the mucus also creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow – often leading to another infection. The best thing to do, in all of these situations, is to look for remedies which will help the body break down and clear out the offending mucus.

There are two obvious remedies to turn to here – Serrapeptase and Vogel Bronchoforce.

Serrapeptase I discussed a few weeks ago when I was looking at natural ways to ease sinus congestion. I mention it again here for the same reason – it is often used by natural practitioners, to try and help break down mucus.

I would suggest using alongside an old favourite, Vogel Bronchoforce.

Vogel Brochoforce is a remedy we have been turning to for years to help people with deep seated chesty coughs. In fact I know that a lot of my readers may know it better by its old name – Ivy-Thyme Complex (rebranding and a herbal medicine licence have led to the new name Bronchoforce).

Last year we used Bronchoforce for many people who were struggling to shift a nasty chest infection – one lady in particular sticks in my mind. She had been struggling with a persistent chesty, mucus cough for three months and had taken four lots of antibiotics to clear her infection, but she was still troubled with a cough. She wasn’t sleeping at night and her ribs and tummy muscles were sore from all the coughing.

We suggested a combination of Serrapeptase and Bronchoforce to clear the remaining mucus and to ease the cough. Bronchoforce is excellent for coughs in my opinion, because it is anti spasmodic, meaning it allows you to cough to clear mucus off the chest, but stops it going on and on and on, easing the stress on you and your poor tummy muscles.

This lady came back in to see us only one week after taking our advice and was delighted to report great improvement.