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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

A couple of weeks ago my mum came back from my brother’s house with a dreadful cold she had caught off my nephew.

She was really bunged up with a headache from the pressure in her sinuses, struggling to breathe and sounding terrible. Unfortunately we had arranged to go out for the day and neither of us wanted to miss out, but neither did I particularly want to catch her cold.

I decided to risk it and place my faith in a product that I have rated for years now – Natures Aid’s Immune Support Plus.

This is a fantastic little combination of nutritional support, beta glucans, elder and garlic. The nutrients used are Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc and selenium. These nutrients are widely recognised as being important to support a healthy immune response.

Beta glucans, which fewer people may have heard of, have been studied widely for their beneficial effect on the immune response. People have reported that beta glucans can reduce the severity and duration of an illness, indicating that they are helpful for those looking to prevent or recover from illnesses like colds.

Elder has been used for many years by natural practitioners and is hailed for its potential anti viral activity, whilst garlic is a well known natural anti bacterial agent.

The fact that all these items are included in the Immune Support Plus is the reason why I chose to use it after spending the day (a very pleasant one too I must say) with my germ-ridden mother.

Now I am not saying that using Immune Support got me off completely scot free, but it definitely reduced my suffering (especially compared to my mother – more on this next week).

I did have a slight sore throat for a few days, but other than that I felt fine. After that I had a slight runny nose and headache for a couple of days but nothing major.

In fact I suffered no fatigue or reduction in energy and within a week I was completely free of the minimal symptoms.

I have actually used Immune Support Plus for years – I usually start taking it around late September to protect me against all the colds and coughs and have a number of customers who do the same and swear by it.

However, this year, thanks to the lovely weather, I had been lulled into a false sense of security, believing that cold and flu season would not be upon us for a good while yet.

Therefore I was caught by surprise by my mum’s cold and the fact that we have seen a number of people recently who have had a similar cold.

So for those who want to be on their guard or those that need to fight it off why not try Immune Support Plus?