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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Considering this is the month that children and teens are going back to school, this week I decided to dedicate the article to them.

Already we’ve chatted to four concerned teens, nervous over the prospect of going back to school, especially those starting a new school or going into exam years. Stress affects us in different ways.

For some, it keeps them awake at night, for others it manifests as tummy aches or loose bowels (particularly troublesome for those confined to classrooms). In some cases we have even seen it bring out spots, cause mood swings and generally aggravate all the unfortunate symptoms that puberty inflicts upon us, even to the point of having tearful parents asking for help.

If you have seen your child undergoing any of these symptoms, it may be worth considering whether it is the back to school nerves causing such discomfort.

If this is the case you could let them ride it out but some can be particularly bad.

We have seen teenagers respond just as well as adults to our Balance for Nerves formula. One year a girl had been diagnosed with IBS after experiencing cramps and diarrhoea on a daily basis. After only a few days on the Balance for Nerves her Mum popped in to let us know that her symptoms had cleared up almost completely.

After settling in at school she continued to remain symptom free.

Our favourite thing about Balance for Nerves is that it works so quickly, partly due to the ingredient L-theanine from green tea, which can get to work in as little as 15 minutes. You might remember the recent article on L-theanine for flying phobias. Well it works just as well for panic attacks or periods of momentary nervousness.

It’s effects last for 3-4 hours, calming down the mind and shutting off panicky thoughts that can be debilitating.

The next thing students (and teachers) might want to protect themselves from is all the germs and viruses that their classmates bring to the new academic year. Known at universities as ‘freshers flu’ each September brings a fresh wave of bugs no matter the age of the student.

Our favourite remedy is Elder Syrup because not only does it taste yummy to little ones, but it has traditionally been used to help with viruses as well as colds which can be particularly problematic to shift.