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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Last week we started looking at perfect holiday companions and I suggested vitamin B1 and neem to keep insects at bay and a good probiotic to keep tummy bugs away.

This week, continuing along our travel theme, I am going to look at skin health in the sun.

Firstly, one of the main things to consider for me when the sun is out is protecting the skin from damage.

There is actually a supplement which can be taken which is said to protect skin cells against the damage which has been linked to the formation of skin cancer.

This nutrient is called Astaxanthin and it’s the pink pigment which is found in algae, and which turns salmon and flamingos their distinctive pink colour. (It won’t do this to you by the way.)

As well as protecting against skin damage, Astaxanthin could also help prevent sun burn.

For this reason I have used it for the last couple of years for my family and I have to say that I have been really impressed.

I have given my daughter one tablet each day, because she is such a water baby. I had always worried about the sun creams being washed off and before using Astaxanthin no matter how conscientious I was, she always ended up with a little sunburn somewhere.

Since starting Astaxanthin none of us has been sunburned. Obviously, we do use it alongside sun creams, it does not replace them, but in my opinion, it certainly adds to the effectiveness and gives a great deal of extra protection.

Another problem which can occur for many people in the sun is prickly heat – an itchy and unpleasant problem, which can ruin the restfulness of a holiday.

There are two remedies which can be well worth a try for this problem and we have many people who use them to great effect.

If the skin gets itchy, red, hot and is worse in the shower, bath or in bed, then try sulphur. A traditional blood cooler, this can be taken preventatively – one tablet three times a day – or even as something to try and ease the problem when it has already set in.

I had one girl last year who said she felt like scratching her arms off. We suggested sulphur and after 24 hours the problem had really calmed down.

If the skin looks like you have walked through a patch of nettles, with a rash, raised white lumps, itching and burning then try Urtica. This is another remedy which we have used for years to help people who suffer from prickly heat.

Like the sulphur, it can be taken both as a preventative and it can also be used to try and give relief when the problem has already arisen.

I hope this helps anyone who suffers in the sun and happy holidays to you all.