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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Back in April, as I normally do at that time of year, I wrote an article outlining some of the natural remedies, which may be helpful for those suffering with hay fever.

Little did I know at that time just how sunny the start of this year would be and how bad some people’s hay fever would be.

I have seen quite a lot of Facebook posts recently with people saying how badly they are suffering, and even pictures people have been sharing with us of their sore, itchy eyes.

With this in mind I thought I would share with you a story of an amazing result we have witnessed this week with our favourite hay fever remedy – Vogel Pollinosan.

We had a young man come into the shop to ask about ways to help relieve his hay fever.

When he walked in he was wearing sunglasses, which he kept on, even once he was indoors.

He explained that he had to do this because his eyes were so sore and red.

He was also struggling with his breathing as his nose was so bunged up and his throat felt really itchy and irritated.

All in all he as in a really bad way.

We suggested to him that he try the Vogel Pollinosan – as I said this is our favourite hay fever remedy, simply because we have had a lot of good feedback over the years, with many people saying that it really relieves their symptoms and coming back for it year after year.

This young man was suffering so much that he was willing to try anything, so he agreed to give the Pollinosan a try – in fact he opened the packet immediately and took two of the tablets whilst he was still in the shop.

He then stayed in the shop for a while as his partner was discussing some of her issues with us and whilst he was stood there he actually started to take deep breaths through his nose. He told us that he could feel the remedy starting to work straight away.

He stayed for a few more minutes telling us all the time of the improvements he was experiencing – his throat was no longer itching, his nose was clearing and his eyes felt a lot less irritated.

These improvements continued after he left and later on this young man was apparently posting before and after pictures of his eyes on Facebook to show how much better he was as a result of taking the Vogel Pollinosan.

Now as I said, we have always had faith in this remedy and used it a great deal, but to actually see a result like that in the shop, within minutes of taking the product, was amazing to us, but I would say that for anyone out there that is struggling with hay fever as a result of the lovely weather many of us have been enjoying, Vogel Pollinosan could be well worth a try.