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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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It is surprising to have to write this when we are in May and the weather has been improving, but there has been a horrible chest infection going around that has been very difficult for people to shake off.

We have seen many people who have been suffering with a cough, a tight chest, wheezing and sweating for three to four weeks, with no relief. It seems that this problem is not bacterial, so antibiotics are not really shifting it.

So this week I though I would take a look at the options offered by natural medicine to help anyone who is suffering.

Firstly, to help shift the mucus. This is important, even if the infection has largely cleared, unless you have cleared the mucus off the chest the cough will hang around. We are suggesting Vogel’s Bronchoforce to help with this.

Bronchoforce is a traditional herbal remedy for chesty coughs and catarrh.

It contains a mixture of herbs which have two main actions. Firstly, it is anti spasmodic. This means that it helps to stop the cough spasming on and on. Secondly, it helps to break up and expel the mucus, making the cough productive and lifting the muck off the chest.

We have had a lot of good feedback on this product with people telling us that it has helped to ease their chest and their cough, which had been hanging around for weeks, within a few days.

The second thing to look at is to help try and fight the virus and help lift the energy again. What we are suggesting is a product which has long been a firm favourite here – Nature’s Aid Immune Support Plus.

The Immune Support Plus is a combination of nutrients which are recommended to support the health and functioning of the immune system, including vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and selenium.

As well as these nutrients it also contains beta glucans, which are said to help improve the functioning of the immune system.

Beta glucans are often suggested for people who have had a virus to help with the fatigue. As well as this the Immune Support also contains garlic – a well known natural anti bacterial, and elder which is hailed as a natural anti viral.

This combination should therefore help the body fight the infection off more effectively, helping you to feel better quicker.

Hopefully this should help you get back to normal, however, if you are still feeling exhausted and run down then it could be worth trying a bottle of Biostrath – a good old fashioned tonic, which is often used by people who are getting over illnesses or operations to pick up energy and improve wellbeing. This is a firm favourite with many of our customers, who swear by it to get them back on their feet after any nasty virus.