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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Are you often tired?

Do you rely on things like coffee or sugar to get you going?

I suspect a lot of you do and just think that it’s normal. Actually it can be a sign of a problem called adrenal exhaustion.

Other symptoms include: low mood, frustration and anxiety, poor concentration, poor sleep and exhaustion.

Adrenal exhaustion is caused by long term or extreme stress.

This may be stress as we usually define it – work, life, family, money – and anxieties and frustrations building up.

But it may also include traumas, bereavements, illnesses or operations – these are all things that your body has had to cope with and recover from.

Adrenal glands, when they are working properly, help you feel energised when you need to be and relaxed when it is time for rest.

It is the adrenal glands which give the energy to get through tough times. But if we make too many demands on them they become exhausted and stop working as well as they should.

The way that most people deal with the dips in energy caused by an adrenal gland under pressure is to give themselves a boost with a coffee, a cola or a sugary snack.

This temporary boost is provided by causing extra stress on the poor, tired adrenal gland, forcing it to produce energy from nowhere, therefore ultimately becoming more exhausted.

What you need to do is to nourish and support the adrenals so that you can start to feel better and we suggest a supplement called Recharge.

This is because in my opinion Recharge contains the key ingredients used by natural practitioners to help adrenal exhaustion, including: * Vitamin B5, which helps to support the body through stressful times and release energy from food.

* Siberian ginseng, which is thought to help support adrenal function and restore energy levels.

Clinical studies have shown it increases mental alertness – lifting the mental fog, which can so often descend when we are tired or run down.

* Liquorice, which is said to help support a healthy adrenal gland and the production of healthy levels of adrenal hormones, to help keep things functioning normally.

* Plus tyrosine which has been referred to by other nutritional authors as a “natural high” because it helps your brain to make your ‘motivational chemicals’,

helping to naturally lift mood and motivation.

All of these nutrients make Recharge a great energy support supplement and we have had some fantastic feedback.

So if you’re tired – try Recharge.