Alternative View column

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

Last week we started looking at adult acne. I suggested looking at reducing sugar and stress levels.

This week I am going to have a look at another area which has a big impact on adult acne, especially in women – hormonal imbalance.

Believe it or not, your hormones ability to cause acne is not limited to the teenage years.

In fact many women with adult acne barely suffered during their teens – no, their skin waited until they were I their 20s, 30s or 40s to start breaking out.

It doesn’t matter what age it happens, the fact of the matter is that hormonal imbalance can lead to oily, sensitive skin, prone to acne.

If you suffer with PMS, PCOS, mood swings before your period, breakouts before your period or heavy or painful periods then your hormones could be playing a role in your skin problems.

If you suspect that your hormones could be at the root of your adult acne then the following steps could be helpful to you.

1) If you take the pill to help promote hormonal balance or to control your periods or even for birth control, then consider the following steps: the pill is said to deplete zinc levels.

Zinc is important in skin health, so supplementing with 15mg zinc per day for a month, maybe helpful.

Your liver is involved in breaking down the hormones in your pill, if your liver is a little sluggish, this could be causing hormonal imbalance – a good liver clear out is thought to be very helpful in naturopathic medicine for helping adult acne – try a good milk thistle product and see if it helps.

2) If you do not take the pill, but think that hormones are affecting your skin then the following steps could be helpful for you: again supporting and detoxifying your liver is key in supporting healthy skin and hormones in natural medicine.

I personally found that using a liver support supplement which was rich in sulphur, like NAC or Higher Nature’s Liver Support Formula, was really helpful when my skin broke out in my late 20s, so I always suggest this is worth a try.

The herb agnus castus is often used alongside milk thistle to try and promote a healthy menstrual cycle. This herb cannot be taken with the pill, but is worth a try if you are not.