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Sugar cubes in a bowl.
Sugar cubes in a bowl.

Big news at the moment is...SUGAR.

Finally people are starting to realise that sugar is one of the leading causes of weight issues.

A lot of this is due to misleading claims about the health of certain products.

It can be surprising to discover that many food products which are held up as healthy and good for people trying to lose weight are also high in sugar.

The problem with all this is that when you eat something which is high in sugar, the energy is released very quickly into your blood stream.

Your body then produces insulin, which tells the cells of your body to take the sugar out of the blood stream to make energy.

However, when you eat more sugar than your cells actually need, insulin will store the rest of that sugar for later, in the fat cells around your middle. I#s it any wonder then, that despite their best efforts many people struggle to get the weight off eating foods they are told are healthy? Cutting sugar down then could be a key to weight loss but we know it is often easier said than done.

Sugar is addictive and many people struggle with sugar cravings and sugar dips which affect energy levels and mood.

There are things that you can do to help though and getting on top of those cravings and keeping your blood sugar levels balanced is a real key to this.

We tend to suggest using a supplement like Higher Nature’s Metabolic Balance to start off with.

This supplement is designed using nutrients like chromium and magnesium to help support healthy blood sugar levels, which will in turn reduce fat storage, and sugar cravings.

Once the sugar cravings are more controlled a low sugar diet is easier to stick to and weight loss tends to follow.