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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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I read this week that film actress Gwyneth Paltrow was saying that the best way to detox and lose weight was to limit your calorie intake to 300 per day.

Someone living a normal life, with jobs to do and children to look after, cannot possibly function properly on 300 calories a day.

Not only that, as we all know, when following a diet which restricts calories so hugely, the weight may come piling off quickly, but, it piles back on even quicker.

Actually, one of the best ways to detox and lose weight is to follow a sugar free diet, which has plenty of fresh vegetables and protein rich foods like beans.

Ideally you should focus on foods like flax seeds, beetroot, walnuts, oily fish, garlic, greens and tomatoes whilst avoiding alcohol and fizzy drinks. Drink plenty of water and limit tea and coffee.

On top of this look at the health of your liver.

Any detox diet which does not look at cleansing the liver is not going to work as well as you would want it to. You liver is your body’s main detoxifying organ – it breaks down all the wastes and eliminates them. It deals with all the chemicals and medications.

Therefore, you can detox your tissues with juices, or cocoa or lemon juice, etc, but unless you clean your liver out those toxins are not going to leave your body as effectively as you would like.

Your liver is also your main metabolic organ.

Signs of a sluggish liver, to a practitioner of natural medicine, will include weight gain, bloating, indigestion, skin problems, low energy, bowel problems and sugar cravings.

Boosting the liver function then could be really useful – not just in ensuring that your body is detoxifying properly but also in helping shift a few excess pounds.

The best way to support your liver in my opinion is with Vogel’s Milk Thistle Complex.

This combines milk thistle, which has been reported in clinical trials to help promote the regeneration of liver cells, with artichoke, which helps lubricate the bowel, easing bowel issues, and dandelion, which helps with the breakdown of fats.

Taking a course of this whilst following the simple dietary guidelines I have laid down should help you achieve what you want from a detox, without starvation or feeling awful.