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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

Bloated? Sluggish? Struggling with an irritable bowel?

Read on and learn how to banish the bloat, ease IBS, lose weight and feel great, with a good New Year Detox.

In the diet:

Cut out sugars – including fruit and fruit juices – for a couple of weeks. This is because sugar feeds the fermentation process that causes the bloating and wind, and sugar cravings.

So cutting it out of your diet for a few weeks can help flatten your tummy and keep sugar cravings in check.

Also cut out alcohol and limit tea and coffee, whilst increasing herbal teas and water – this will help to flush your system out. For those who would like it we do have a diet sheet available at the shop to help with this.

Additional help:

Make sure your bowels are working daily – this is important because your bowels are the main elimination route for toxins. You are never going to effectively detox otherwise.

To help with this if it is a problem try some FOS, a lovely tasting, fully soluble fibre, that also tones and strengthens your bowel muscle.

We have had some great results with this, one lady who was only going to the toilet once every two weeks swore that it was FOS that got her going to the toilet normally again!

Kill off ‘bad’ bacteria – it is often thought that it is a build up of the putrefactive, fermentative bacteria which lead to many of the symptoms of IBS.

Using a supplement like citricidal, which is a natural anti-fungal and anti- bacterial supplement, over a couple of weeks could help to reduce their numbers and therefore in turn reduce those symptoms.

Boost up your good bacteria – as well as killing off the fermentative bacteria, you need to make sure you have good levels of your friendly bacteria, which are involved in maintaining a healthy bowel function.

This will ensure that the unfriendly bacteria you have killed off with the citricidal have no room to grow back and also that your guts are in the healthiest state possible.

We have often found that addressing these simple issues has made a big difference to how our customers feel – one girl who had been struggling for years with bloating and IBS told us that she felt better than she had in years after only two weeks of this - so it’s definitely worth a go.