Alternative View: Boost needed to shift final pounds

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Over the last few weeks I have been looking at supporting weight loss.

We have looked at the importance of avoiding sugar rather than just fat, if you want to really help boost weight loss, and using supplements like metabolic balance to control those sugar cravings and control the appetite.

We also looked at the role of the thyroid and how for some a mildly underactive thyroid can lead to weight problems, as well as issues with hair, skin and energy, and suggested that a good thyroid support formula may help some people lose weight more effectively.

This week I want to have a look at some more general ways to boost the metabolism and fat burning.

Now every year there is something launched which is going to be the next big thing.

These things are usually hideously expensive and are rarely based on research and can sometimes have negative side effects.

For this reason, we have always been very careful about what we stock and what we recommend.

We want to be sure that any product we use might actually live up to its hype and will not cost our customers an arm and a leg.

We therefore have two main metabolic products which we use for people who are looking for a weight loss boost and they are Nature’s Aid Thermatone and Solgar Thermogenic formula.

Both are based on research, are not as expensive as many of the products on the market and both have been used successfully and safely by our customers.

The Nature’s Aid Thermatone we suggest to anyone who is stressed. This is because amongst the ingredients, this clever little formula contains a substance called lactium. Lactium helps to reduce the body’s production of a hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol is something we produce in our body when we are stressed and it contributes to fat build-up around the middle.

Therefore lactium will help you not just to feel less stressed – making it less likely that you will feel the need to comfort eat, it will also help to reduce the amount of fat you store – two weight loss birds with one stone.

Thermatone also contains ingredients, including 10g of green tea which had been shown to help reduce the percentage of body fay we carry, plus other ingredients like chromium, ginger and hydroxycitric acid, which should help to promote fat metabolism, fat burning and reduce appetite and sugar cravings.

We have had some excellent feedback with this product and are currently using it for some of the people on the fat burning part of our weight loss plan.

One lady who tried it after she had reached a weight loss plateau for months, swears that it helped her shift the final half a stone she needed to reach her target weight.

Another lady who used it was utterly convinced that it had helped control her eating and helped her tone up.

The other product we suggest is Solgar Thermogenic Complex.

This also contains green tea alongside green coffee and is the product we suggest particularly for people who are exercising regularly as the ingredients that this product uses have all been researched and shown to help increase fat burning particularly in those who exercise, by increasing the metabolic rate and keeping it higher.

Again we have had some very positive feedback on this product with one man saying it really helped boost his stamina and increase his rate of weight loss.

Another lady started using them and although she was by no means a ‘gym bunny’ she does walk and swim regularly and again she claimed that they definitely gave her weight loss a boost after she had stalled.

There are also other little tricks you can use if you are exercising.

First make sure you eat something about an hour before you go to the gym – this will make sure your blood sugar levels are stable, which will help your body burn fat better.

Secondly, have a black coffee after a work out. This will keep your metabolic rate higher for longer, again boosting fat burning.