Alternative View - A timely boost for your circulation

Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop. Columnist.
Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop. Columnist.
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As we head into winter – yes, I am sorry it’s that time of year again – my thoughts turn again to helping boost the circulation, to help relieve cold hands and feet, Raynauds and chilblains.

The recommendation is the same every year at this time – use a good preparation made from the herb Ginkgo Biloba.

However, this year I am able to share with you the results from a fantastic piece of research which shows how effective Ginkgo can actually be.

I was put onto Ginkgo Biloba at the age of 16 by my doctor after she diagnosed me as suffering from Raynauds syndrome, causing my feet and hands to turn black and I have sworn by it ever since.

With the clever technology available today the people conducting this research were able to take photos of a person’s circulation before and after using a ginkgo preparation for a month.

This allowed them to see the ginkgo in action, opening up capillaries which had previously contained little or no circulation.

You can see it for yourselves by looking at the picture printed below.

In the first picture you should be able to see that the arrows are pointing to a nearly empty blood vessel.

In the second picture the arrows are pointing to the same blood vessel. However the major difference here is that after 30 days on ginkgo biloba that blood vessel now has a healthy amount of blood running through it.

These results were repeated in a number of people in different places throughout the body.

This I believes provides the proof that ginkgo, if you are taking a good preparation, should help to significantly improve your circulation after only 30 days.

The two main things to point out then are, firstly, that it is best to start taking the gingko at this time of the year; let it get into your system and start working, before the bad weather really hits; before the ice and before the chilblains. After the last few weeks, I have certainly decided to get started on mine.

Secondly, it is to make sure that you are using a good product that contains a good amount of ginkgo.

The study I have written about here was actually carried out on the Vogel Ginkgo tincture.

That would be the best product for the best results, particularly to start with, as tinctures do tend to get into the system quicker than tablet preparations.

However, for those wanting to take a tablet version then I would suggest something like the Higher Nature Ginkgo Biloba 6000.

The key points of this product are the strength, the quality and the price. The strength is a 120mg extract, which is a concentrated herbal preparation and would be equivalent to using 6,000mg of the dried herb.

The quality is assured by the fact that the product has been standardised.

This means that the ingredients have been tested and checked and that each and every tablet meets a certain standard and is guaranteed to contain a certain amount of active component of the herb.

With all these things considered it also provides excellent value for money.