Allotments need not be be hard work

LAST year may have been your first year gardening on an allotment.

I myself spent about 50 years allotment gardening, both on my own and on the allotments during the courses I ran at college and I found them both really relaxing.

I was very fortunate that when I worked at the nursery I was under the guidance of a very experienced gardener.

The first thing he taught me was not to dash around and do a bit here and a bit there but make sure you finish the area you start before moving to another one.

So the answer on your plot is to do the jobs that have to be done at the right time ie: divide your allotment into separate beds about 8ft wide. This will enable you to garden each bed without walking on them once the initial preparation has been done (digging etc).

See The Visitor (19-01-11) for full story.