All Shook Up over Elvis’ guitarist

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“A LIFE changing experience!” is how TV star Paul Hayes described singing with Elvis Presley’s guitarist.

Less than a year into their career as a band, Paul’s vintage rock ‘n’ roll group The Paul Hayes Collection had the honour of performing with rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Famer James Burton, on Friday night.

And after the gig at Fort Perch Rock, in New Brighton, the telly antiques expert could hardly contain his delight.

“To get to meet this guy and be on stage with him was an honour,” said Paul. “It was like watching Picasso work.

“It was something else, the biggest thing I’ve ever done.”

Frontman Hayes and his band, made up of local musicians Wayne Barker, Garry Pugh and Steve “Golly” Goulding, saw first-hand how much work and attention to detail the American star puts into his performance – on Paul’s 41st birthday.

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