Actresses go to Carnforth convent

TWO cast members from a Lancaster production of The Sound of Music have found an unusual way to solve a problem.

When asked to research their parts as nuns for the Morecambe Amateurs’ musical, Irene Melling and Kay McLaughlin decided to visit a convent.

So they will spend this coming weekend living at picturesque Hyning Hall, home of the Monastery Of Our Lady Of Hyning at Carnforth.

There, Irene and Kay will observe the nuns at Mass and going about their daily life.

This will help them get into character when they don the habits to play Sister Berthe and the Mother Abbess in the show at the Grand Theatre, from June 19 and 23.

“It’s rather an unusual way to spend a weekend,” said Irene. “But I think it will be an excellent idea to observe them. The lengths we go to for our art!”