A fisherwoman is worried that plans for a new sewer could wreck her beautiful village.

Residents of Sunderland Point are furious over plans to put an outfall sewerage pipe in the village
Residents of Sunderland Point are furious over plans to put an outfall sewerage pipe in the village

Margaret Owen and other residents of Sunderland Point fear a proposed new outfall pipe could damage the landscape of the tiny outpost near Overton.

United Utilities want the new underground pipe to carry treated water out to the Lune Estuary near the Point as part of plans to upgrade Morecambe’s sewerage system.

But Mrs Owen said: “It’s totally ridiculous to even think of ploughing through here because we’re a triple SSI (Site of Scientific Interest) area.

“Sunderland Point is a step back in time. It’s a wonderful place for all who wish to come.

“The pipeline outflow will only be a few yards from homes, walkers, birdwatchers, fishermen and women.

“I have to stand in the river for at least four hours twice a day between June and September.

“United Utilities make enough money to do the right thing and make the pipe go as far out to sea as possible.

“We’ve survived the storms, withstood the Government saying we had to let erosion take over, we haven’t been polluted by wind farms and we saved our public loos.

“The battle to keep Sunderland Point as it is, is getting harder but we hope to win again.

“I do not want Sunderland Point to become the toilet of Morecambe.”

Steve Wong, project co-ordinator for United Utilities, said the plans were at a very early stage and building work would not start for two and a half years.

The aim of the scheme is to reduce the number of times that sewer outfalls have to overflow into the sea during heavy rainfall,” said Mr Wong.

“We plan to upgrade our wastewater pumping station at Schola Green Lane so that it can handle greater volumes of sewage during storms.

“We also need to increase the size of the sewer that carries waste from the pumping station to our treatment works at Middleton.

“The treatment works itself will also be brought right up to date with the latest technology and the final piece of the jigsaw will be to build a new underground pipe to carry the treated water out to the Lune estuary near Sunderland Point.

“We know people will have concerns and lots of questions about the plans which is why we are just starting our consultation process.”

Mr Wong will attend the Overton Parish Council meeting on April 14 to speak to residents.