A couple of ideas for treating coughs and colds

A close-up view of a woman sneezing. Photo David Jones/PA Wire
A close-up view of a woman sneezing. Photo David Jones/PA Wire
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Over the past few weeks we have noticed there are a lot of people suffering with mucus colds and coughs. So I thought I would cover the best way to avoid and clear a nasty infection as quickly as possible.

To avoid infections and boost recovery I always look at Natures Aid Immune Support Plus. Immune Support does exactly what it says on the tin really, containing all of the nutrients and botanicals you need to ensure a healthy immune system.

Jenny Logan.

Jenny Logan.

This will hopefully mean if you can’t avoid all your germ-ridden friends and relatives you will hopefully be able to avoid catching their infections. If it’s too late and the bug has already got you then Immune Support will help your body fight it off better and get back on your feet as quickly as you can. This should also help you avoid getting recurrent infections, which I know can be the bane of many people’s winter.

For blocked sinuses – I love the herb Plantago, which is said to help reduce inflammation and mucus in the ears, nose and throat, we have seen some great results with this. Earlier this year though we had the inspired idea of combining Plantago with another remedy called Serrapeptase for a customer with a really nasty sinus infection, in the hope of gaining her some quick relief.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme which helps to break down mucus and inflammatory tissue, it is something we have often used previously for chest infections. In this case it worked excellently, with the lady concerned reporting improvements within a couple of days.

For chesty coughs we have often used Serrapeptase to help people struggling to clear a chest infection, this is because we have had many reports from people who tell us it does seem to help clear the chest. I often use this in conjunction with Vogel Bronchoforce. Bronchoforce is a herbal remedy which we have used for many years and had great feedback on. The herbs in this remedy have an antispasmodic action as well as breaking down mucus. This means it really can help to put a stop to the spasming which can accompany a cough. It is this spasm which can make the cough go on, making tummy muscles ache, keeping you awake in the night and in the case of one poor man we saw, putting his back out.

Again this antispasmodic action seems to work very quickly with the gentleman who had given himself a bad back telling us it eased all his symptoms within 24 hours. In fact we hear this a lot about the Bronchoforce.