A beautiful little spot with an annoying little name

Carol Forster on her travels in Italy
Carol Forster on her travels in Italy
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Well after all that lake loafing, seeing the beautiful vistas that accompany those northern waters, it is time to do some island basking again.

There is something about islands - that sense of escapism – which never fails to draw me.

I’ll make one exception to this – Golding’s imaginary creation in ‘Lord of the Flies’. All that nasty stuff hardly appeals!

However, if you travel down to the central-southern part of Italy, you will find a crop of rocks that would tempt anyone, and in the most exotic and peaceful way.

Take Ponza.

Now I have to admit I’m not so impressed with the name, as it hardly encapsulates my idea of heaven.

In fact it sounds more dippy dog to me!

However, don’t be fooled by a name.

I’m sure when people first heard of Reginald Dwight, they weren’t imagining those gorgeous Elton ditties, for example. I rest my case...

Ponza is really a little gem, off the coast somewhere between crazy Napoli and majestical Roma.

It’s quite small but rather beautiful in parts.

Ponza town is lovely, with pastel coloured dwellings near a harbour.

You could laze around on ‘Chiaia di Luna’ beach admiring the views.

There are perhaps safer places to swim, but the locals would put you in the know. The appeal of islands like Ponza is their out of season tranquillity, though clearly worth avoiding in August when all descend there; unless you are a sardine fancier who needs a crowd, as some do.

You could really relax here if you’re prepared to avoid peak times, and just enjoy mooching around the island or rest on the beach by idle waves.

It has a sister island too called Ventotene though it’s said that this used to be a place of exile where displeased Romans dispatched the females of their fold who had disappointed them in some way.

For this reason, perhaps, it is not the place to take your wife on that romantic break...

So I’d recommend a wee stay on the island of Ponza. It is quite a beautiful little place and worth a peep. But I do wish it had a different name though!