Tribute night to DJ icon

Steve Blane.
Steve Blane.
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Family, friends and fans of a late, great Morecambe DJ will gather this Friday (November 14) to remember him in the most fitting way possible.

Steve Blane, a true icon of the Morecambe dancefloor, died suddenly in August the day after celebrating his 61st birthday.

Steve, who managed the Crown Hotel in Morecambe, was renowned as a true entertainer and nightclub DJ at fondly-remembered local venues like Harveys, 42nd Street and Greendales.

He was also a lover of soul and funk music, especially by his favourite singer Luther Vandross.

So organisers of this Friday’s tribute disco at the Winter Gardens have named the night after one of Vandross’ best known singles, ‘Never Too Much’.

Hundreds of tickets have already been sold for the event, which will raise money for the British Heart Foundation. DJs will include Steve’s son Matthew Blane, and his close friends Steve Middlesbrough, Ian Simpson and Phill Hayward. They will play some of Steve’s favourite tunes, as well as classics from the soul, Motown, disco and funk genres.

Ian, famed as a DJ at Crystal T’s in Morecambe, said: “I’ll be playing all those tracks that Steve loved and played to the many thousands of people he entertained over many years. I will be honoured to be able to appear on that night in memory of one of my oldest friends.”

Ian met Steve when both were teenagers going to Northern Soul clubs like the Blackpool Mecca.

“I would watch Steve on the dance floor and try and make my spins as smooth as his.

“I classed myself as a pretty good dancer in the day with my high kicks, spins and backdrops but I’ll admit that Steve probably had the edge on me.

“Years later Steve was working at the 42nd Street Disco at Heysham Head, I went up and suggested he give me a job and he very kindly let me work for him lending me his old records.

“I watched Steve and learned my trade by becoming an entertainer, not just someone who played records.

“As the years went by and I worked during the 80s at Crystal T’s and Steve at Harveys, I would like to think we worked at the two most popular clubs of their day, me trying to get them down to one end of the town and Steve trying to get them down the other.

“More recently, If I was in Morecambe I would call in the Crown to have a natter.”

Steve Middlesbrough said: “It’s going to be an emotional night.

“I’m going to call my set ‘Harveys for the World’.

“I’m sure all the DJs will be fighting to play ‘Never Too Much’ and ‘Ain’t Nobody’ by Chaka Khan because Steve loved that as well.”

Steve Blane - Never Too Much, starts at 7pm and runs until 1am.

Tickets cost £10 and are available from HERE