Shay and Ellie were great Shakes

Shay Kennedy as Romeo with Jessica Osmotherly.
Shay Kennedy as Romeo with Jessica Osmotherly.
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The chemistry of the star-crossed lovers was a highlight of a school production of Romeo and Juliet.

Teenagers Shay Kennedy and Ellie Cozens earned praise from drama teacher Colin Campbell for their performance at the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds.

Morecambe Community High School performed the classic tragedy as part of the 2013 Shakespeare Schools Festival.

Mr Campbell said Shay and Ellie “epitomised the love struck, conflicted and inspired teenagers Shakespeare intended them to be”.

“Their eloquence and understanding of the language when declaring their love to each other was matched by their ability to occupy their respective roles with complete authority.”

Mr Campbell also praised the rest of the cast and the cheoreographer, pupil Molly Wilson.

“An outstanding debut from 11 year old Lauren Woof, who occupied the roles of Balthazar and the Servant brought a youthful exuberance to her every scene,” he said.

“The entire cast deserve the upmost praise for what proved to be an uplifting and satisfying experience for all concerned.”