REVIEW: Paul Akister and friends, Lancaster Grand Theatre

Bernie Kelly from Twenty Four Seven.
Bernie Kelly from Twenty Four Seven.

REBECCA HASLAM writes...Proceeds from tonight go to the children’s ward of the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, and almost every seat is occupied before the first act, Brendan Cleary, takes to the stage.

With a voice similar to that of Ed Sheeran, his five song set makes for a pleasing, enjoyable start.

Next up are Twenty Four Seven, a local jazz/soul band who bring a new and entirely different sound to big hits such as The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army. Fifteen year-old Amy-Jo Clough’s bubbly personality appears to hinder her set as she regularly voices her hopes that everyone enjoys each song, but her musicianship as she strums her guitar is strong and her cover of ‘At Last’ goes down particularly well.

Before Paul Akister even puts a foot back on stage, the applause and cheers for him as The Bay’s Danny Matthews calls out his name echo around the room.

He begins with a rendition of X Factor audition room song ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ and the reaction he receives from it is one maintained throughout his set – the crowd whistle, cheer and applaud his incredible talents.

For more than 40 minutes, Paul walks, talks and sings his way into the hearts and minds of all those present. His rendition of ‘Stop Me’ by Daniel Merriweather leaves them dancing in their seats. But it is his finale of ‘A Song For You’ that marks just how gifted a man he is. As the last note goes out, the audience rise to their feet as they applaud. The show raised £2,000.