Review: Henning Wehn, The Dukes, Lancaster

Henning Wehn.
Henning Wehn.
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ELAINE SINGLETON writes...Seeing as the Germans don’t have a sense of humour, it follows that they can’t be funny either. Right?

Wrong, it turns out as the full house for German comic Henning Wehn loudly agreed when he stopped off at The Dukes, Lancaster, on the current leg of his UK tour of Henning Knows Bestest.

National stereotypes, be they those of his countrymen, the British, or the rest of Europe, are the thrust of his act.

He sets up a situation pandering to our suspicions and prejudices then punctures them with glee.

After asking if anyone in the Lancaster audience was German he then spent minutes chatting with Olga, a German speaking Swiss in their own language.

Breaking back into English, he told us with a grin that they had just done what all Britons do when abroad, carry on speaking our own language regardless.

Sehr gut.

Wunderbar, in fact.