Polar bear attack survivor tells all

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He survived a 40-minute assault by a hungry 1,000lb polar bear and now he’s coming to Morecambe.

TV presenter and filmmaker Gordon Buchanan will tell tales of this and other dangerous encounters with wildlife when he visits The Platform on Thursday, March 5.

It was three years ago when Gordon suffered a sustained assault from the polar bear, while filming from inside a protective pod.

The Scottish wildlife expert was in Svalbard, in the northern-most region of Arctic Norway, for his three-part BBC2 series The Polar Bear Family and Me.

The female bear, who wanted him as her family’s next meal, repeatedly attacked the perspex box in the snow with her enormous teeth and paws, as Gordon pointed his camera at her from inside his protective ‘ice cube’, getting more and more frightened.

He later described it as the scariest experience of his life.

Buchanan followed mother Lyra and her cubs Miki and Luca for 12 months to get closer to a polar bear family than anyone has before.

He risked long journeys over and through the ice, often into uncharted territory, battling freezing winds, violent storms and plummeting temperatures.

On a number of occasions the crew had to flee on snowmobiles as the giant predators edged closer to them.

Gordon has filmed the world’s deadliest animals for the past 20 years.

He will tell the Platform audience about his adventures everywhere from South America, Asia, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Russia to Alaska, assisted by his own film footage.

This is a show for any wildlife enthusiast who wants to enjoy the spell-binding stories of the natural world from a man who has experienced danger face to face.

His other TV shows include ‘Wild Burma - Nature’s Lost Kingdom’.

The show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £17.50, £13.50 concessions.

They can be bought from the box office at the Visitor Information Centre, Central Promenade, Morecambe or telephone 01524 582803.