Play recalls horror of London 7/7 bombings

The double decker bus destroyed by a terrorist's bomb on July 7 2005 in London.
The double decker bus destroyed by a terrorist's bomb on July 7 2005 in London.

Within a few days in summer 2005, London went from the heights of ecstasy to the depths of horrific tragedy.

A play in Lancaster will capture the stark contrast of this pivotal week in recent history.

Pornography is a suitably shocking title for a story of a suicide bomber’s journey to the heart of London city.

Written by Simon Stephens, it captures Britain as it crashes from the political and musical atmosphere of the G8 Summit and Live 8 on July 2 2005 and the euphoria of the 2012 Olympics announcement on July 6 2005 into the devastation of the London bombings on July 7 2005.

It is called Pornography because it explores the objectification of people in our modern consumerist world, suggesting that the London bombings, and those who planted the bombs, were created and nourished by a prevailing culture of casual cruelty.

“There was a sense of incredulity that it was British boys who had attacked London,” said Stephens in an interview.

“I didn’t share that incredulity. I’d been brought up in Stockport, not far from where these boys were from, during a period when Mrs Thatcher was telling us that there was no such thing as society.

“When people become dislocated, they start to objectify each other.”

This show is performed by Lancaster University Theatre Group (LUTG) at the DT3 Youth Theatre on Moor Lane, just up the road from The Dukes, this Friday (June 21) at 7.30pm and Saturday (June 22) at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £7, £6 concessions and £5 for LUTG members.

They are available by calling 01524 598500.