Our Helen is wrestling’s good girl gone bad

Helen Louis at her home in Morecambe.
Helen Louis at her home in Morecambe.
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Shy Helen Louis works in a retirement home as a carer for the elderly. But at weekends, she undergoes an incredible transformation.

Helen turns into a vicious fighting machine known as ‘Serenity’, the sexy bad girl of professional wrestling.

Helen as her professional wrestling alter-ego, the sultry bad girl 'Serenity.' Photo by Tony Knox.

Helen as her professional wrestling alter-ego, the sultry bad girl 'Serenity.' Photo by Tony Knox.

On Sunday, October 13, Serenity will step through the ropes at a live wrestling show at The Globe Arena in Morecambe.

For Helen, 21, being a wrestler is a lifelong dream.

“I used to watch it on TV all the time, and I’d even fight my brothers in the bedroom when I was a kid,” she said.

“We broke three beds and nearly broke a table doing wrestling moves on each other.

“In the end my mum found out there was a wrestling school in Morecambe and took me there.”

Three years ago, petite Helen began going to Sunday classes at Regent Park Studios in the West End.

“I’d been going to the wrestling matches at The Dome since I was 15 and I loved it,” said the former Hornby High School pupil.

“But I found training really tough, being the only girl in a class full of men.

“I got concussions and a dislocated shoulder. I nearly quit several times.

“But I stuck at it and it’s made me a lot tougher. I used to be really shy but it’s helped me improve as a person.”

Romance also blossomed between Helen and her wrestling trainer, the British Heavyweight Champion Jamie Hutchinson, aka scary ring villain ‘Psychotic Warrior’ Johnny Phere.

They first met when she was a teenage fan and nervously asked him for his autograph at The Dome.

Helen and Jamie started going out two years ago and now live together in Morecambe.

“It was his body that first attracted me but then I realised what a nice personality he has...he’s nothing like Johnny Phere!” said Helen.

But neither is Helen much like her alter-ego Serenity.

“I’m just a normal person.

“But Serenity is not right in the head. She’s crazy, has a sadistic streak, and she knows what she wants and how to get it. She shouts at the audience and tells them to ‘SHHH!’ She demands silence whenever she gets into the ring.

“It’s great being Serenity, especially getting ‘glammed up’, it’s fun.

“I don’t have a glamorous job, so it’s nice to get out of my uniform and get to be more feminine.

“I remember my teachers at school always told me ‘you’ll never be a wrestler’. Well look at me now!”

You can see Serenity when wrestling returns to Morecambe on Sunday, October 13 at the home of Morecambe Football Club, the Globe Arena.

Doors 6pm, bell time 6.30pm. Suitable for all the family. Tickets priced £15 VIP ringside, £12 adults, £9 children, £36 family available by calling 0844 8700 887 or from www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk

You can meet Serenity, Johnny Phere and some of the other stars of PAID Promotions Wrestling this Saturday from noon to 3pm in the Arndale Centre where show tickets will also be on sale.