Looking Back: When Noel Edmonds dropped in

Noel Edmonds with Ian Simpson at Crystal T's in the early 80s.
Noel Edmonds with Ian Simpson at Crystal T's in the early 80s.
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Before there was Blobby Land, Noel Edmonds came to Morecambe for an entirely different reason.

In the mid-1980s he flew in for a two-day visit as part of the Marlboro Road Show at the Central Pier.

He spent the night at Lancaster’s Post House Hotel (now the Holiday Inn) after landing on the hotel car park in his famous helicopter.

The TV presenter and DJ then had dinner with Peter Zorab, manager of Crystal T’s nightclub in Morecambe.

He then spent two hours at the Victoria Street club doing a spot with resident DJ, Ian Simpson.

The next day, Noel flew into Morecambe and landed on the beach next to the Central Pier.

He signed autographs while his co-pilot took the local press and night club competition winners on a trip around Morecambe Bay.


This was back in the days when Noel must have had fond memories of Morecambe. Of course, thanks to the Blobby controversy of the 1990s, this didn’t last long.

Thanks to Ian Simpson for the photo and newspaper cutting of Noel’s visit.

Some of you will have seen Ian on the decks at the Disco Inferno event at The Platform on Sunday.