LOOKING BACK: Ronnie played with Frankie, Ted and Val

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Ronnie Newbold, who played sax and clarinet in Alvin Atkins’ band on the Central Pier for years, got in touch with more information about Cesar Romero’s visit to Morecambe.

The Hollywood actor was in town to judge a beauty contest. Ronnie says he stayed at Heysham Towers holiday camp, run by a Mr Holden. Ronnie, who was playing in the orchestra, remembers going up to the camp that night with his parents and they met Romero, who was wearing a black tuxedo.

Ronnie also says old time Morecambe impresario Archie Collis used to do the Sunday concerts at Heysham Towers (not to be confused with Pontins Middleton Towers, this was a separate camp).

Now 83, Ronnie enjoyed a great career playing in local concert bands and worked with many of the top names who visited town during its heyday of the 1950s and ‘60s, including The Black and White Minstrels, Frankie Howerd, Ted Rogers, Matt Monro and Val Doonican (pictured above).