Looking back: Recognise any of these Morecambe Marlboro girls?

Marlboro girls.
Marlboro girls.
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Marlboro was well known for its billboard adverts, magazine stars and its long associated sponsorship in major sporting events.

During the 1980s the cigarette company sponsored McLaren during the 1980s Grand Prix and they often had Marlboro girls during the races and around the towns as seen in this picture.

Sponsorship from cigarette companies for sporting events is now unheard of.

Noel Edmunds’s Marlboro helicopter visited the promenade between 1984-1985 but its life was short-lived.

During the 1985 British Grand Prix the G-NOEI crashed whilst taking air shots of the event on October 8 1985.

The helicopter banked steeply to the right, and crashed south east of the Chapel Curve area of the circuit, colliding with wire fencing and the Armco Safety barrier at that part of the circuit.

Of the six persons on board, there were no fatalities, but the pilot and three of the passengers were seriously injured.

The passengers were a mixture of competition winners, and corporate sponsors of the Malboro cigarette company

Noel Edmunds was not present at the time of the accident and the helicopter was written off a short time later.

The Marlboro girls are seen here gathering on Morecambe prom in the summer sometime between 1984-1985.

Recognise anyone?

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Thanks to David Hodgson for the pictures and information.