LOOKING BACK: Popular piers were the talk of the town

West End Pier in 1896.
West End Pier in 1896.
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The summer scenes delve into the resorts past which show the famous piers that attracted thousands of visitors each year.

There were two piers at Morecambe in the past, Central Pier, which opened in 1869 and West End Pier which opened in 1896.

Central Pier in 1869.

Central Pier in 1869.

Visitors and holiday-makers often spend the sunny days strolling along the pier over-looking the water and looking down onto the sea. When the pier first opened there were no buildings or pavilions at the end.

Tourists who stayed at the resort for a week could purchase a weekly ticket for only a shilling (5p), and stroll over the water for a full seven days.

West End Pier was destroyed in November 1977 after a storm ripped through the building and it was demolished soon after.

The pictures show two busy scenes of holiday-makers taking in the sea air, which was what the late Victorians demanded.

Spaces between the planks on West End Pier meant people could see the water below which added to the excitement and danger of the early piers.

Resorts from Morecambe down the coast through New Brighton to Llandundo in Wales provided the wide walk-ways where tourists could escape the traffic.

All the traffic in the pictures were horse-drawn.

Thanks to Francis Frith’s pocket album for the pictures and information.