LOOKING BACK: Pier back in time to day of destruction

The Central Pier fire of 1933.
The Central Pier fire of 1933.
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Here’s a dramatic snap of the Central Pier ablaze on Monday, July 31 1933.

Taken from a pictoral record of the fire published by The Visitor, the photo by W.G Webber shows the inferno at its height.

The fire started under the skating rink at the pier just before 5.30pm that night.

Fanned by a 60mph wind, the flames spread with astonishing speed. The centre dome soon crashed in and the pavilion and ballroom went up in flames, with dense clouds of smoke rolling all over town.

Within 90 minutes the magnificent pier was reduced to a twisted wreck.

Thankfully the pier was rebuilt and reopened in 1935 , springing back to life with a new theatre and ballroom.

After another fire in 1987, the pier was eventually demolished in 1992.

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