Looking back: Margaret Woodhouse looks back on old Morecambe

Margaret Woodhouse.
Margaret Woodhouse.
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Morecambe has altered dramatically for Margaret Woodhouse over the years but one thing will never change for the 73-year-old - her memories.

Born and bred on West End Road Margaret can remember the streets which were once bustling with people shopping for local produce and neighbours catching up on their daily gossip.

A lot has changed for Margaret since she lost her husband who was a well known glass maker in the town and worked on the windows at The Platform.

But the grandma has 
lived in the same house on Yorkshire Street for more than 50 years. Margaret said: “I know some things come and go, you used to know all the local people in the area but 
you have got to adapt, I miss a lot of the shops, they were nearly all family run businesses.

“You had butchers, bakers, dress makers and you didn’t have to go any further than Yorkshire Street or Regent Road and you could get exactly what you wanted.”

Margaret has lived on Yorkshire Street nearly all her life and was passed on the house from her parents who used to own the property when it was an antiques shop 27 years ago.

The Morecambe Winter Gardens old plans.

The Morecambe Winter Gardens old plans.

“This place has been in my family for 65 years, my mum and dad had it until they were 70 and they gave £1,800 for it at the time.

“This street used to be cottages for the fisherman, they were built by somebody in Bradford.”

Margaret also grew up in her parent’s hotel, Ivy Dean and their confectionery shop on Clarendon Road.

She said: “We had a grocers and a confectionery shop on Anstable Road, that was before all the bungalows were built, I used to go mushrooming with my brother-in-law, there wasn’t a bungalow in sight then.

“It is weird when you look back and think of all these things that used to go on.

“Lots of people had connections to the West End, it depresses me seeing it like it is now but what can you do?”

Thank you to Margaret Woodhouse for supplying the pictures of the old plans of Morecambe Winter Gardens and The Platform which were acquired by her husband who worked on the glass work for both buildings - approved by Lancaster City Council.