LOOKING BACK: It’s a Mitchell and Kenyon clip

A clip of the Promenade by Mitchell and Kenyon.
A clip of the Promenade by Mitchell and Kenyon.

Paul Coxhill responded to our appeal for more information about the picture of the promenade used in Looking Back on August 19.

The photo is a still from a Mitchell and Kenyon film, says Paul.

Sagar Mitchell and James Kenyon founded their film-making firm in Blackburn in 1897 and concentrated on filming ordinary people going about their business.

Eight hundred of their films were found near their old premises during demolition work in 1994 and restoration of the films resulted in the BBC broadcasting ‘The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon’ in 2005.

“The picture published in The Visitor is a frame from one of their films shown in the opening sequence of one of the BBC broadcasts,” said Paul.

“The Stone Jetty had its own railway line which was used to carry goods to the ships when it was used as a port. This ceased in 1905 when Heysham Harbour opened.

“A few years after it stopped being used as a port, The Stone Jetty was used by Thomas W. Ward for his ship-breaking business.”

Thanks for the info Paul.