Looking Back: George mystery drawers to a close

A wedding photo found inside the chest of drawers.
A wedding photo found inside the chest of drawers.
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Remember last week’s story about the chest of drawers holding the key to a man’s life?

Well, we’ve tracked down the family of the man in question.

The mystery began when Tina Newman from Morecambe bought an old piece of furniture and found possessions belonging to a George Jackson inside.

Tina contacted The Visitor wanting to reunite George or his relatives with the items, which clearly had sentimental value.

After our article in last week’s paper, Peter Cook from Heysham got in touch. George was Peter’s cousin’s brother-in-law.

Peter told us that George, who lived on Fairfield Avenue, passed away last year.

His only living blood relatives are his niece and nephew Stephanie, who lives in Aberdeen, and John, who lives in New Zealand.

I then spoke to Stephanie. Her mum was Eileen, George’s sister. George and Eileen’s parents, Stephanie’s grandparents, were called George and Ellen Jackson. George was a builder and Ellen, who used to live on Duke Street, was one of Heysham village’s oldest residents at the time of her death in 1991.

George’s old friend Beth Crook then called to say that George and Edith were married at St Peter’s Church on March 30 1957, the same day Beth married her husband Ken.

She told me that West End fishmonger and fisherman Ray Edmondson, a good friend of George’s, scattered his ashes on Morecambe Bay following his death.

Ray said: “Yes, I launched them out a mile from the Stone Jetty,

“George used to do deliveries for me after he retired and also a bit of taxi driving.

“He played for Heysham Cricket Club, 10 pin bowling and was a good dart player. And he didn’t like to lose!”

George’s stepson Max Ashworth used to be landlord of the Morecambe Hotel.

Tina is now going to contact George’s family to make arrangements to reunite them with his possessions, which included a 1960s camera, his wedding photo, birthday cards and old variety show programmes.

A happy ending, courtesy of Looking Back!