LOOKING BACK: Chequered life of West End Pier

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Here is an old snap of the West End Pier, kindly donated us by David Hodgson.

It shows the pier after the extension, built to allow boats to call, was washed away in a storm in the early years of the 20th Century.

The pier, opened in 1896 after three years of work under the engineer J Harker, suffered a series of disasters during its history.

Even during its building long delays occurred when a steam crane collapsed and brought much of its work down.

After a further storm, on October 18 1927, the pier measured just 900 foot.

It remained popular as a concert building though, particularly when open air dancing was a favourite during the Second World War.

The pier’s final demise was in a storm in 1977.

The remnants were demolished in 1978 after a rescue plan was deemed too expensive.