Looking Back: 1950s class photo plea

1950s pic approx
1950s pic approx
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A Visitor reader got in touch asking for help to trace information on his long lost teachers in this old school photograph.

Derek Gardner enclosed a teachers’ photo sent to him by daughter of his former teacher, Mr Metcalfe.

Mr Metcalfe passed on early last year.

Mr Gardner is not sure when the photo was taken, but believes it was taken after Easter 1951, because that’s the time he left Balmoral Road School.

He said: “There are 12 teachers on the photo. I have no idea who some of them are.

“The ones I knew are marked, but six are gone from my days at school.

“Mr Pickles, Mr Cunningham, Mr Henry, Mr Edwards, Mr Willacy, Miss Holmes, Mr Graham (front row) emigrated to Zimbabwe.

“I have been told that we had to live at West End – Heysham – Overton and Middleton when the school became Heysham High School. If one lived in central or east one had to go to Euston Road.

“Well, I’m glad that new rule was after my time, because after I came back from Lancaster in 1946 I went to Euston Road and only lasted three weeks. I didn’t like it one bit, so my parents took me to Balmoral Road.

“It was a good school. I was there from 1946-1951.

“Even back in those days only three kids in the whole school came from central and east of town – Peter Modley, Eddie Sharp and myself.

“Eddie Sharp’s parents had the fish and chip shop on York Bridge.

“During the war I lived with my grandma down on the Marsh in Lancaster and started school in 1941 at Willow Lane School.

“I still remember the headmistress – Miss Billsborough.”