Lancaster short film aims to Capture your votes

Ben Clegg and Lucie Carrington star in 'Capture'.
Ben Clegg and Lucie Carrington star in 'Capture'.
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It’s only 100 seconds long but it could be worth £30,000.

A young Lancaster filmmaker hopes his new short film could scoop the cash prize in a major competition.

Liam Treacy, part of a filmmakers co-op who meet in The Dukes Cinema every month, has entered ‘Capture’ into the Virgin Media Shorts contest.

‘Capture’ tells the story of a vigilante photographer, played by Ben Clegg, in his first short film role, who ‘captures’ criminals on camera late at night in an attempt to rid the city of its bad eggs.

Filming took place in the St George’s Quay and Millennium Bridge area of Lancaster.

The winner will receive £30,000 to make another film with the British Film Institute

“Capture has been really well received and it certainly makes all the hard work and the long wait seem worthwhile,” said Liam.

“I’m really looking forward to pushing the film, I’ve never been one for self-promotion as I find it really uncomfortable, but working on something where I’ve had an endless stream of help and input from other people makes it much easier as it kind of feels like it isn’t just ‘my film’.

“It’s something that we’ve all worked hard at, and it deserves to get seen.”

Other cast members were Lucie Carrington, Chris Longton and Ray Turner.

The more ‘likes’ on Facebook and tweets about the film, the more likely it is to win.

Liam has written and directed other short films. music videos and documentaries and hopes to eventually produce a feature film. He worked alongside colleague John Hamlett to create ‘Capture’.

You can watch Capture HERE