Lancaster nostalgia: going cobble mad!

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Reader Alasdair McKee sent in this picture of wooden cobbles discovered in Penny Street, Lancaster.

The cobbles at the junction of Penny Street and Marton Street have become visible because the road surface over them has been damaged.

The worn away area has been marked for repair, so the cobbles may only be visible for a short period.

Mr McKee said: “I know such cobbles were used in Victorian times to muffle the sound of horses’ hooves outside hospitals and the like and also to reduce the sparking of metal horseshoes where there were flammable materials. I’d like to know why they were used at this particular spot?

“Penny Street is a very old thoroughfare that was used by the Romans and everyone since, so it is nice to have uncovered a bit of its history, especially as I am part of Single Step Co-op which owns an old warehouse in Penny Street.”