Lancashire nostalgia in 1987: Deadly weapons, dirty beaches and Viv Richards caught out

Chief trading standards officer Jim Potts with a display of deadly weapons
Chief trading standards officer Jim Potts with a display of deadly weapons

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1987:

Deadly weapons trade under attack

A crackdown on lethal weapons has been launched by the Government.

Home Secretary Douglas Hurd warned that tougher laws on the possession of offensive weapons, particularly knives, were being considered.

The move was welcomed by trading standards officers in Lancashire who have long campaigned for a ban on “do-it-yourself death kits” on sale in toy shops and other stores across the county.

The county’s chief trading standards officer, Jim Potts, has urged the Government to clamp down since last year when a horrifying array of knives, garrottes, machetes and martial arts weapons were discovered all over Lancashire.

After a host of complaints from worried parents he found potentially lethal items were freely available to children in toy shops, hardware stores, market stalls and even at car boot sales.

Mr Potts said: “There are no restrictions on who buys the weapons and I feel it is vital their sale is outlawed to anyone under 18 under the Consumer Safety Act.

“I welcome any moves to tighten up the law on the possession of offensive weapons.”

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All North West beaches fail tough EEC cleanliness tests

Beaches in the North West have suffered another blow after failing tough Common Market tests run by the Keep Britain Tidy Group.

Only 16 beaches out of more than 200 throughout Britain met the condition agreed by 11 EEC countries. Not one of them is in the North West.

Judges looked for bathing water to EEC agreed standards, cleanliness, beach management, safety and availability of public information. All were examined in the campaign, aimed at promoting cleaner beaches.

The news comes at the launch of the Keep Britain Tidy’s Clean Beaches Week, from July 25 to August 2. Children’s activities and promotional campaigns are planned at Blackpool, Fleetwood, Southport and Barrow-in-Furness.

Some 1,000 hoteliers, traders and residents are expected to line Blackpool beach in a show of support for their sands, in defiance of Greenpeace campaigners who started testing for sewage in the sea.

The environmental protection group have promised to put safety hazard warning signs on the worst beach.

Blackpool beach has come under renewed attack this year from anti-pollution campaigners. The resort’s seafront, along with Lytham, was named by naturalist David Bellamy as one of the worst in Europe.

Viv breaks up opening partnership

West Indian cricket superstar Viv Richards was caught out after being picked as an opener - for a Lancashire pub.

Regulars at the Withy Trees pub, Fulwood, Preston, were knocked for six when told Viv was double booked.

The swashbuckling batsman had been due to open the pub’s new £3,000 beer garden.

But brewery publicity manager Mr Nigel Fortnam said: “It is very disappointing but his duty to his club must come first. We will try to arrange for him to come on another occasion.”

The beer garden and children’s playing area replace the controversial old bowling green.

The bowling green was originally to have become a car park but Preston Council made it clear they strongly objected the plan.