Help singer Imogen kickstart career

Imogen Rae.
Imogen Rae.
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Lancaster singer Imogen Rae has been given an amazing opportunity and needs your help.

Imogen has been offered the chance to record her second album ‘Queen of Hearts’ with Mercury-nominated UK Producer of the Year, Andy Ross.

Now she is trying to raise funds to hire the ASTAR Studios in Manchester, which has just been nominated for best studio in Europe.

“Andy is trying to promote young talent so he’s wiped a £15,000 producer fee to enable me to access recording with them,” said Imogen.

“But I still need to pay for the physical hire of the studio, money which, as a student, I just don’t have.”

Imogen, who won a day recording at ASTAR after her performance in the Open Mic UK national singer/songwriter competition earlier this year, has chosen an arts funding programme called Kickstarter and has just a few days left to raise the cash.

People can pledge money in return for rewards such as the finished album, but if the total of £11,750 isn’t reached before next Wednesday then no money will be donated.

At press time, Imogen, who was previously known as Imogen Mechie, had reached £4,459, still well short of the target.

So if you enjoyed her debut album ‘Breathless’ and have followed Imogen’s career performing at venues around our district, then please pledge.

All the information regarding the project can be found HERE .