Have your say – twitter style!

Here is your chance to be a tweet reviewer!
Here is your chance to be a tweet reviewer!

HERE is your chance to air your opinions in The Visitor and on www.thevisitor.co.uk with our brand new “tweet reviews”.

The Visitor is looking for Twitter-style reviewers who want to air their opinions on any music concert, book, play, TV show, video game, restaurant, bar or new single...basically anything entertainment-related, in 140 characters or less.

Reviews that are submitted need to be no longer than 140 characters, and must include what it is you are reviewing, where you saw it, and your overall opinion.

This will be an ongoing project that is open to anybody. All suitable reviews will be retweeted and published in the paper and online.

Here is how to get involved:

Tweet your review to @the_visitor, using hashtag #tweetreview.

Here are some examples:

@The_Visitor Masked ball murder mystery/Midland Hotel, Morecambe. Masks hid our red faces as we guessed the wrong killer #tweetreview

@The_Visitor Book/Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend by Matthew Green. One of best books I’ve read in ages and I read a lot ‪#tweetreview‬

@The_Visitor Restaurant/Blue Mountain/ Best steak I’ve ever had, iPads for the kids & Peroni on draft. Thumbs way up. ‪#tweetreview‬

Get tweeting your reviews now!