FOOD REVIEW: Bay Steakhouse, Morecambe

The steak at the Bay Steakhouse is served on a Lava stone and cooks in front of you.
The steak at the Bay Steakhouse is served on a Lava stone and cooks in front of you.
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Expectations were high even before setting foot inside the new Bay Steakhouse.

A few friends had already visited the new Morecambe seafront steak restaurant and given it rave reviews.

So on a recent Friday night myself, my wife and two boys arrived at the former Hart’s Restaurant bang on opening time, 5.30pm.

We had pre-booked and were given a table in the window with a lovely view across the Bay.

The Bay Steakhouse has opened recently in the ground floor of the Thai Rose restaurant, which previously occupied two floors but is now upstairs only.

But if you’re eating steak in the downstairs area, you can still choose starters from the Thai food menu too.

We plumped for Gyoza vegetable dumplings and prawn crackers, which proved to be a tasty appetiser shared between the four of us.

It’s immediately noticeable that the dining tables are significantly larger than in many restaurants - and there is a reason for that.

The space is needed for the main course - very much the highlight of the Bay Steakhouse experience because the steaks are served on red-hot Black Rock lava stones.

My 12oz rump steak (£14.95) was meaty, thick and juicy, and while already partly cooked when served, continued to sizzle on the stone right in front of my eyes.

I like my steak ‘medium to well done’, so I cut it into smaller portions to allow it to cook on the stone more easily. Once the meat was ready, it tasted delicious.

You have about 45 minutes until the heat from the stone subsides; plenty of time.

The Black Rock choice isn’t just restricted to beef steak. The menu includes lamb, pork, tuna, swordfish, scallops and king prawns, and a seafood platter, all served with either chips, potatoes or egg fried rice, and either salad or mixed vegetables.

You can also choose a dessert from the Thai Rose menu.

Including drinks, the bill for four came to £76.60, reasonable considering all four of us had a steak.

It was a very enjoyable evening. Pleasant surroundings, stunning Bay view, friendly service, tasty and filling food, and the way steaks are served provided a talking point for afterwards.

When it comes to eating out, what more can you ask for?

The Bay Steakhouse is on the corner of Marine Road Central and Queen Street in Morecambe. It is open Tuesday to Thursday 5.30pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday 5.30pm-10.30pm, Sunday 5.30pm-9.30pm and closed on Mondays. Thai Rose is open at the same times, but also at lunchtimes from noon to 3pm.