Fifa World Cup Brasil 2014 review

Fifa World Cup Brasil 2014.
Fifa World Cup Brasil 2014.
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Well folks it’s only a day or so to go before all the madness of the World cup begins as the nation optimistically holds its breath and hopes England will pull it off, myself not being a fan of the game won`t be watching much of it but that’s not to say I won`t get dragged into the euphoria if we get through to the next round.

This brings me to the latest offering from EA, Fifa World cup Brasil 2014 and if you’re a fan of the franchise and you already have Fifa 14 you won`t find anything new here, probably why it was only released on Xbox 360 and playstation 3.

As a bit of a novice at these kind of games I was struck by the amount of complexity, there are so many different modes and options its quite mind boggling.

All the teams and stadiums are featured and you can swap and change as much as you want, controls are relatively easy after a while. If you play these games on a regular basis you will be familiar with all its pro`s and con`s, what I think EA have done here is to get a feel for the whole pageant of the World cup with plenty of crowd reaction, nice camera angles and tricks, it works really well.

You can of course rewrite the history books by playing the captain your side mode which enables the player to lead his side through the qualifying stages and then onto World cup glory!

Gameplay is much the same as the previous titles and it is more of a tactical game these days rather than just a “get the ball, run and score” kind of game.

Passing and dribbling is superb but does take some practice to get it right.

Graphics are superb as usual apart from the lack of any real facial expressions on the players which takes away the reality a bit, otherwise it’s a pretty full on game with great commentary and excellent atmosphere (especially through a surround sound system)


Fifa World Cup Brasil 2014 is a great game if you haven`t already purchased Fifa 2014, if you have and are not sure whether to go for it or not you won`t see any difference to the game play just basically it’s about the World cup.

Even though I would rather gouge out both my eyes with a blunt instrument than watch a football game I actually enjoyed this especially the two player element (even though my son whooped me constantly at it)

Fifa World cup Brasil 2014

Developers: EA

Publishers: EA

Xbox 360

Playstation 3

Genre: Sport

Release Date: 17th April 2014

Gameplay: 5/5

Graphics: 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5