Ellie Goulding, Lancaster Library - Review

THE lights were dimmed and the sophisticated library venue was perfect for the Ellie Goulding appearance in Lancaster on April 10.

Entering the building, I wasn't sure what to expect, but there was a variety of different people attending her show.

From old to young, a happy medium of men and women filled the building but still left a comfortable amount of room.

The very talented support act Primary 1, who are currently touring with Ellie, had a superior stage presence and really built up the excitement of the crowd.

They are definitely a band to keep your eye on because they're going to make it big.

Their electronic music that had a slight pop hint to it had most of the members of the audience bopping to their songs. The what seemed to be relaxed crowd then gained a sudden surge of energy when the fabulous Brit star came onto the stage.

Metres away from her, people gave her a very warm welcome. She began to sing...and what a voice!

The unique tone of her voice was sure to give you goose pimples. She was pitch perfect.

In between songs she would comment on her audience's behaviour, describing it as a 'sea of smiles' staring up at her.

She really connected with everyone, thanking them for every round of applause.

Making a few jokes here and there, she had her fans laughing and a 'feel good' atmosphere surrounded the building.

As I looked around, people were having a really good time in every direction.

Looking angelic up on the stage in her two-piece vintage outfit she really stood out, yet fitted into the art-deco library.

It was almost romantic as she was innocently flirting with the crowd with both her songs and her aura.

Whilst singing 'Starry Eyed', which was released at the start of the year just before her debut album, her eyes were literally sparkling.

I asked what people thought of her performance and Jasmin Cummings, who works for 'Get It Loud In Libraries' answered: "Her facial expressions really showed her love for music."

I had to agree, it was true that you really could see true passion with every word she sang.

This up and coming star is an absolute must see, so if you missed her at the library she is currently touring for the next couple of months. So go and see her.

And have a listen to Primary 1 while you're there.