FOOD REVIEW: Nami Sushi brings taste of Japan to city dining

Sushi has always been a mystery to me.

Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 4:57 pm
Diners can choose from different types of sushi on the classic conveyor belt at Nami Sushi - but you have to pre-book for this.

The thought of eating raw seafood wrapped in rice has never especially appealed. But then my sons decided they liked it. So we tried the Japanese cuisine at home, with some success. A trip to Lancaster’s new sushi bar on China Street soon followed.

There are two ‘dining styles’ at Nami Sushi. You can either be served at a normal table, or pre-book to sit in the special ‘conveyor belt’ section where diners can sit and see the different types of sushi on covered plates moving before their eyes.

Having never been to a sushi restaurant before, our party of four fumbled through the menu, not quite sure what we were ordering.

Half the fun, though, came from trying new things.

I have never drunk sake - Japanese wine - before. It’s more expensive than traditional wine or beer (£5) and comes in a tiny serving jug, but is deceptively plentiful with an agreeably rich plummy taste.

For starters we chose several sushi dishes to share. I enjoyed the Ebi Maki (shrimp in rice roll) and the soft shell Crab Maki. For main course I recommend the Yaki Udon noodle dishes but there are also rice meals and specialities such as fillet of beef and orange teriyaki duck, and unusually flavoured ice creams for afters.

Nami Sushi was a great experience but probably a one-off for me. I have a massive appetite and I didn’t feel at all full afterwards.

For sushi fans, though, this is a welcome addition to the cosmopolitan Lancaster dining experience - a beautifully turned-out restaurant with friendly staff and top quality food.