Boy band comeback is a 5ive star success

5ive members Scott Robinson, Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville and Abz Love.
5ive members Scott Robinson, Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville and Abz Love.
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It’s a lot more relaxed these days being a member of 5ive, says Scott Robinson.

The streetwise ‘90s stars burned bright but then burned out the first time around, splitting in 2001 after four years of hits like ‘Keep on Movin’, ‘Slam Dunk Da Funk’ and ‘Everybody Get Up’.

A non-stop churn of world tours, 18-hour days and bust-ups were blamed for 5ive’s self-destruction.

But after getting back together thanks to ITV2 show ‘The Big Reunion’, Scott says the group is tighter than ever.

“We’re better as a band than we ever were,” says the 33-year-old from Essex.

“We’re still daft and have a laugh on stage but we understand each other better.”

In the fly-on-the-wall documentary, Scott and bandmates Sean Conlon, Abz Love and Ritchie Neville sat down and talked out their issues before agreeing to join Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, Honeyz, Blue, B*Witched and 911 for a comeback gig at the Hammersmith Apollo earlier this year.

“It was good to go through that stuff together and we’ve come out the other side as friends,” says Scott.

“I think ITV would have liked it better had we argued! But we got on really well.”

Such was the success of The Big Reunion, 5ive’s greatest hits album broke back into the Top 10 and they are now preparing for back-to-back UK tours in November and December.

Now a four-piece after Jason ‘J’ Brown refused to join the comeback, 5ive will headline their own solo tour then join their fellow ‘90s acts for pre-Christmas Big Reunion dates.

Their return to the spotlight echoes that of Take That, who famously also relit their fire after a 2005 TV documentary.

“Take That have come back better than they ever were, and we haven’t yet gone down the same avenue of writing new material although that might happen in future,” says Scott.

“We take each day as it comes. I always hoped this could happen but never really thought we could have gone this far, being back together as a band and doing tours around the country.”

Scott believes there is a place for 5ive in today’s pop market.

“There’s room for the older generation!” he laughs.

“One Direction are brilliant. I’ve not heard that much of Union J, just saw them on The X Factor and thought they were quite polished. I don’t dislike The Wanted but don’t think they are as good as One Direction.”

But when asked for his favourite modern-day act, Scott gives a surprising answer.

“Ed Sheeran is genius, amazing on guitar. I’d love to work with him.”

5ive come to Lancashire to perform at the Blackpool Winter Gardens on November 20.