Bobby has it all rapped up

Dr Syntax, Mia Wilson and Bobby Esmond film their video on Morecambe prom.
Dr Syntax, Mia Wilson and Bobby Esmond film their video on Morecambe prom.
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It may be chilly Christmas time but a hilarious new rap music video will have you longing for the hazy days of summer.

‘Wiped Out’ by Bobby Esmond featuring Dr Syntax and Mia Wilson was filmed on Morecambe seafront during the heatwave earlier this year.

The beach, the famous bay views, C2 Nightclub (The Carleton), Brucciani’s ice cream shop, a cheery passerby on a motability scooter and many more of Morecambe’s wonders are shown in all their glory.

Rapper, DJ and producer Bobby, 31, who lives in Slyne, is joined by his friend, Oxfordshire rapper ‘Dr Syntax’, a well-known figure on the underground UK hip-hop scene.

The pair dress in geeky Hawaiian shirts and pull off the kind of cheesy dance moves you might see at a wedding, but it’s all intentional.

Bobby, who cites his main musical influences as Snoop Dogg and The Beatles, said: “We looked ridiculous but it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

“Hip-hop is usually so serious and rappers look hard. I haven’t got the look to do that!

“So I wanted the worst shirt I could find and I found one in Primark with pink ostriches on it.

“The shirt was so bad the woman behind the counter couldn’t understand why I wanted to buy it.

“I used a sample of the famous surf rock anthem ‘Wipe Out’ in the track so decided there was no where better to shoot the vid than sunny Morecambe.

“I tried to give a good representation of the fun that can and is still had when the sun comes out down on the beach.”

Bobby roped in his old school friend, singer Mia Wilson, to provide the vocals.

He also cheekily tweeted the video to legendary rapper Busta Rhymes, who infamously lived in Morecambe one summer during his teens.

“I didn’t get a reply but let’s face it, he was never going to get back to me, was he?”

Wiped Out also features on Bobby’s new album It’s Not What You Know. You can watch the video here