Blast from the Past: Twenty years ago

Christie Park, Morecambe FC's old stadium.
Christie Park, Morecambe FC's old stadium.
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A possible £75,000 share issue proposal by Morecambe Football Club directors, designed to raise money for the Shrimps’ Conference bid and long-term future, was passed at an extraordinary general meeting.

The decision meant local people could have a major stake in the way the club was run and help it fulfil its long-term potential. There would be a minimum of £50 at first which could be added to with £10 at a time.

The city council and Noel Edmond’s Unique Group were due to get together in London in a move which could stave off a costly court battle over Crinkley Bottom. Everything hinged on the mood of the meeting but it was thought that both sides were keen to avoid what could be a damaging hearing. Council leader Coun Stanley Henig said the city deputation was going with an open mind.

An innovative plan to offer Morecambe Bay its very own bus across the bay was stalled by the city council. An application detailed the Morecambe Bog Bus, an idea stemming from wide-tyred vehicles used on the Canadian tundra.

Using extra large low ground pressure tyres and converted four wheel drive running gear, the bus would travel over wet ground without damage to the surface or danger to passengers.