Mum of Overton teen Reece Holt asks community to 'go gold' during September for teenage cancer awareness

The mum of Overton teenager Reece Holt, who passed away in 2019 after fighting a rare cancer, is hoping everyone will come together to paint the town gold again next month.

Friday, 20th August 2021, 11:58 am
Updated Friday, 20th August 2021, 12:05 pm
Reece passed away in January 2019 at the age of 13.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and Reece's mum Rachel O'Neil wants everyone to help raise awareness by displaying gold wherever they can.

Throughout the month, you can display your support by sporting a gold ribbon car sticker,

Reece passed away in January 2019 at the age of 13.

The Lancaster Royal Grammar School pupil had been battling Anaplastic Astrocytoma, a malignant tumour that affects only about 10 children a year, since May 2016.

Since then, Rachel has been continuing her son’s legacy by carrying on the charity work he started when he set up his own charity, Team Reece, to help other children with cancer.

Every year in September, childhood cancer champions, advocates and supporters encourage iconic buildings, historic landmarks, monuments, bridges and natural environments to go gold to highlight childhood cancer and the fight faced by families.

Whether lighting up gold or by displaying gold ribbons, the global effort helps to shine a spotlight on the international childhood cancer problem.

Rachel has now asked people to get involved where they can, saying on the Team Reece Facebook page: "September is almost upon us again, so what’s changed and how can you help in the world of Childhood Cancer since Reece was diagnosed over five years ago?

"A couple of research projects, which haven’t scratched the surface on over 300 types of childhood cancer.

"A couple of trials that failed. No new treatments. No kinder treatments.

"Too many treatment protocols are still up to 40+ years old and were never designed for childhood cancers.

"Long term side effects, health issues and lifelong disability are unchanged and common.

"Diagnosis up from nine to over 11 children a day in the UK.

"Deaths up from two to three or four children a day in the UK.

"We are basically still ‘winging it’ with the vast majority of treatments, which were originally developed for adults despite children’s cancers being biologically and metabolically different.

"How can you help?

We need you to be REECE’S VOICE, he’s no longer here to shout from the rooftops and making a change starts with awareness!

"We need businesses, shops, vehicles and even front room windows to help us and GO GOLD to help us raise awareness this September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

"To get your GO GOLD pack and help us make a difference simply email your details to [email protected]"